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List of changes that Zone Labs stated:

- Firewall alert ratings to tell users immediately whether a blocked access attempt to their computer is high risk or normal risk

- Program alert ratings to tell users immediately what type of program is asking for Internet access enabling quick, confident decision making

- New program alert advice to give users information and advice for every program alert they receive

- Improved firewall alert advice to give users information and advice for every firewall alert they receive

- Introductory tutorial to greet new users with a brief, easy-to-understand tutorial with graphics and text to introduce them to the most important product features

- Improved Help system to enable users to find information faster and easier than ever

- Network auto-detection to allow users the ability to add trusted networks to their Local Zone with one click

- Important security updates address operating system vulnerabilities in Windows

- ICS and NAT support: allows you to set up ZoneAlarm Pro on a Gateway computer in order to control Internet security for client machines.

- Protocol and port security by program: allows you to restrict ports used by each program.

- Protocol and port security by zone: allows you to define specific ports and protocols through which internet connections are allowed. Each zone can have its own security definitions.

- Add programs to the programs list via drag-and-drop or a menu command.

- Password protection: allows you to set a password to keep unauthorized users from changing security rules you've set up in ZoneAlarm Pro.

- Alert filtering: allows you to control which types of connection attempts should trigger an alert; connection types include NetBIOS broadcasts and Non-SYN TCP packets.

- Alert log management: allows you to refresh your log on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and to change the location of the log files on your computer.

- Program-level security by zone: implemented within the Programs List, this feature lets you define whether any program can connect to the internet or if permission should be requested.

- E-mail attachment protection: for file types you identify, ZoneAlarm Pro changes the e-mail attachment file type so that it won't launch unless you specifically allow it to.

- Restricted Zone: this new zone is an isolation tank area where you define Web sites and IP addresses that should have absolutely no inbound or outbound contact with your computer or LAN.
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Uffff, velika stvar ...... otkrili su rupu na saksiji ....dodali NAT munju ...i sad je Pro verzija .....LOL
vec postoji >>>> LNK
[ uLtracode @ 04.05.2001. 13:41 ] @
mrva nisu otkrili rupu na saksiji nego TOPLU VODU

ne znam nikad nisam koristio zone alarm

blackICE i @guard su ono OK
[ m r v a @ 04.05.2001. 15:09 ] @
@ Guard i BlackIce su klasicni firewall programi .... ovo sto pokusavaju ljudi koji stoje iza ZoneAlarma je isto to + da ugrade proxy .... sto za windows platforme se cesto pokaze kao promasaj ..... cast izuzetcima .....